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Ready to Ride?!


In this fast paced, digitized age it has become extremely difficult for children (as well as adults) to develop a sense of feel, wonder and connection to the natural world.  Dale Brown Performance Horses has focused their business around getting back to the basics of living.  Our riding program will not only give you the skills needed to make you knowledgeable around these magnificent creatures but will set you up for success to navigate in the arena of life.  Through these beautiful equine companions we develop fortitude, patience, diligence stewardship and respect. Experiencing the thrill of connecting with another living creature is irreplaceable. Come and experience it for yourself!  

Dale Brown Performance Horses is now offering a riding program focusing on complete horsemanship education for all ages and levels of riders.  Emphasis is placed on safety, education and technique.  Lessons are offered on only the highest level show horses and matched to your riding ability.  All lessons are given by professional horse trainers who have been in the industry for years. A covered arena is used for lessons so weather is never an issue.  All tack and grooming supplies are provided but heeled boots must be worn by the rider.  A helmet may be worn at the rider/guardian's discretion. 

3-4 year olds, Pony Pals 30 minutes/$30


5 year old to Adult, Riding Lesson, $80 /Hr


Packages available upon request.  


Please contact for scheduling


If your family, church or school group is looking to gain knowledge on the equine breed we offer a 'Get To Know a Horse' class.  This will give you an opportunity to learn about basic safety, grooming, tack and equine care.  Classes start at $50 for a 30 minute class. 

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